Real Name: Unknown Aliases: DeadPoet Approx. Height: 5'9" Approx. Weight: 150 earth lbs. Sex: Male Planet of origin: Unknown Last known location: Bloomington, Indiana, United States of America, Earth, Milky Way galaxy Affiliation: Mercenary Classification: Rogue Assassin Weapon of Choice: Written Words Although DeadPoet is capable of assuming a human form when necessity dictates, he is in fact a trans-dimensional being. He is known to spend unreasonable amounts of time on planet Earth. Little is known about his reasons for spending so much time on Earth, an obscure planet located in the Milky Way galaxy, which is known to all enlightened civilizations as an intellectual wasteland plagued by ignorance and indecency. Experts speculate that he is either performing sociological research, or feeding his massive addiction to the online word game known as Acrochallenge. DeadPoet is wanted in countless star systems for Random Acts of Drunken Bufoonery, and at least three counts of First Degree Awesomeness. He is to be considered extremely dangerous. If you encounter DeadPoet you are advised not to engage him, instead, maintain a safe distance and alert the Galactic Empire at the earliest available opportunity.

Email: None Entered

DeadPoet is not ranked.

Current Statistics
Games Played:287
Games Finished:201
Games Won:15
Rounds Played:1998
Final Rounds Played:107
Avg. points per round:1.96
Highest Score:13
Highest Acro:Life sentence makes everyone here a babe.
Highest Score Date:2/18/2014 9:18:00 PM

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