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"Issues with logging"
Started by WifeBeater on 10/8/2008 4:29:17 AM

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10/8/2008 4:29 AM
I'll leave names out of this...
Once upon a time I was playing acro having a good time, and a few people felt threatened by this(the were losing attention). They got pissy And I followed suit. The result was me getting logged and kick out of the room. Well now every time these people want to feel important they start trouble with me for no reason other than a fight, and to ultimately boot me.

I'm ok with this really let them boot me. 9 times out of 10 I'd rather not play with them any ways. But it's getting to the point that I am banned for hours on end.

It there anyway to reset my time being banned? I could just change my name but it seams silly to give into a bunch of play ground bullies at my age.

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