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"Acrofever, acro - schmever ... Acrozilla is here!"
Started by MrPuzzle on 6/3/2017 7:43:02 PM

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6/3/2017 7:43 PM
The place to play is not acrofever, but rather

With all the shortcomings of Acrofever, with Michael not having
the time to turn Acrochallenge into all that it could be, and
having had some experience in this arena, I decided to have a go at it myself.

The result I have christened

While the game layout and operation are very Acrochallenge-like,
under the hood is a complete different powertrain, and one that
I believe is faster and more reliable.

While the overall operation of the game should be familiar to
Acrochallenge players - and make for an easy adoption of it -
there will be differences.

For details see:

Here are a few examples:

- Scoring is changed a little (bonus points are based on votes, not numbers of letters),
- games are fixed at 10 rounds (and take about 20 minutes to play),
- commands to find out who is playing or what games are going are different.

There are new features as well:

- The Acro letters turn green as you match them, making a mistake in your acro
that much easier to find.
- You can be a non-player in a room, not holding the game up if, say, you get a phone call, or need a bathroom break.
- Story games are fully supported, with Title and Continue the Story topics supplied
automatically, as are story recaps.

The learning curve should be quick.

The game is up and running.
Beyond that, the website is pretty barebones, but more will come.

Constructive suggestions are more than welcome.
As are volunteers to help out.

Do check it out and bring your friends.

For the time being logins are on "the honor system" ... you don't need a password.
Not managing passwords, or having to deal with forgotten ones, saves everyone a lot of bother ...
if it gets abused, we'll have to go the traditional route.


Now you might well ask, "What does Michael think about this?"

I have emailed him, and here are the essential parts of his
gracious reply, which I hope he won't mind my quoting:

"Nice work on Acrozilla. You've got a good foundation to build on. ...
If you're willing to commit the time to build what people want, I say go for it. Feel free to use the AC message board."
6/3/2017 8:38 PM
MrPuzzle has done a great job with AcroZilla and if you try it I think you'll be very pleased and impressed. The graphics, colors and sounds add so much to the game as well as a larger font for chat which is so helpful to us older folks.

A special thanks to Michael for so graciously supporting MrPuzzle in this endeavor.

Please come visit AcroZilla and check out all the new features.
6/3/2017 9:52 PM
Way to go for acting constructively on some of the issues you have brought up, Mr. P. I'll have to try it out sometime soon. Good luck and have fun with it!
6/3/2017 10:09 PM
Thank you Michael for understanding, and a big hooray for Mr P for translating his love of acro and appreciation of the game as an art form into I am so heartened by all the regular players here and there who deeply understand the underlying magic of coming up with a masterpiece on the spot, even if no one votes for it. Yay! Thanks, Mr. P and Michael. Peace, Love, bilbolives
6/4/2017 1:21 PM





6/4/2017 2:02 PM
Here is a link:

(There were some server problems between 4AM and 5AM Sunday morning June 4 which made logging on not work, but the website pages were still ok. It is back in operation now.)
6/5/2017 1:50 AM
It's good that quite a few players are checking out Acrozilla.

I bet a lot of you login, see no one else there, and then leave "because there's nothing going on".

If you stay for at least a little while, then the NEXT person (if he or she arrives within that time) will find YOU there! (instead of nobody)
That is, they won't be in the same repeating situation.

If you just slip in and out, they'd have to have split second timing to find you there, so give them a better shot at doing so by sticking around for a while.

I'll try to be logged in a lot, but may not always be looking at the screen. Sending a private message can draw attention with a sound if I'm doing something in another window, so give that a try -- or with anyone else you happen to see there.

For clean players, a good time to find a game will be around 8:20-8:30 PM until around 9:00 Pacific Time (that's late on the East Coast: 11:30), when you'll probably find the Poppa's Room crew there for a game or two.
We're playing the first of our three games here at AC, hoping to find some new recruits, so check here, too, at the top of that hour.

Here are some comments some visitors have made:
"Nice clean design."
"u kicked ass with this"
"better than Acrofever, I'll tell people about it"
6/5/2017 2:38 AM
I can't believe I found this game. I used to play ages ago but it was shit down :(. So glad I found it again. Would love to reconnect with some of the people I used to play with. It's been about 10 years now not sure if anyone still plays. Would love to find out. Would love to hear from one person especially :)
6/11/2017 9:59 PM

I finally got there
it kepttelling me az09

I do not know why

Then i foung out
It was all lower case

I did it

But i stilldont know
why i got that az09 thing
In the first place

An i dont how how anyone figred out it was all small letter

Anyways i do like the set up. ,
Very easy
On the eyes


Players are sparce

6/11/2017 10:12 PM
a-z means "the lower case alphabet, a to z"
0-9 means "any digit from 0 to 9"

It now also allows A-Z.

I will expand the verbiage to be clearer.

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