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"More AcroFever thoughts"
Started by Joe the UFO on 5/8/2017 4:20:32 PM

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Joe the UFO
5/8/2017 4:20 PM
I'm approaching the 100 game mark at AcroFever, and in that short time, I've met some amazing AcroFever players as well as seen many familiar faces from here over there.

I still like the game format at AcroChallenge better than AcroFever. I like the player activity and ease of finding a game at AcroFever better than AcroChallenge. It's a trade-off.

I would love to see more players from here give AcroFever a try (if you haven't tried it already), and I would love to see more AcroFever players give Acrochallenge a try (if you haven't tried it already).

AmishSheep: I know you prefer to use the name Barry at AcroFever, but using the name Barry is like Mr. Spock using the name Leonard Nimoy. Leonard Nimoy will always be remembered as Mr. Spock, just as Barry will always be remembered as AmishSheep. Why pretend? AmishSheep has a much better ring to it than Barry. Barry makes me think of Manilow, White or Halie. AmishSheep is a much cooler name. Just saying. Think about it: when you join the game at AcroFever, do we greet you as Barry or sheepy? I mean, what would you prefer: Cary or Joe the UFO? Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

I've met more wonderful people at AcroFever than I can name. We at AcroChallenge should make an effort to meet them over there and encourage them to join us here. Also, there are those at AcroFever who stand out above the rest. We REALLY need to meet them and REALLY need to encourage them to join us here. God knows slobb and MrPuzzle could use some better competition than we've been giving them.(That was humorous, right?)

So, please wander over to AcroFever sometime and introduce yourself to Marcy, Jessica, Andrew and Zyngacita (if they aren't at AC already under a different name!) Great players, great competition, great fun to acro with. Oh, and I dare, nay, DOUBLE dare MrPuzzle and slobb to play against Zyngacita- she'll kick your asses like a red headed step child.
5/9/2017 10:17 PM
> Oh, and I dare, nay, DOUBLE dare MrPuzzle and slobb to play against Zyngacita - she'll kick your asses like a red headed step child.

Having given AcroFever a try, and not particularly finding many things to my liking, nevertheless, I found this challenge intriguing.

Then I went to your other thread, where you mentioned

> For those of you who haven't played at AcroFEVER, yet, there is no segregation; there is no separation between adult and clean.

At this point, the intrigu-o-meter went back to zero.

The fascination some people have for the area between the waist and the knees, and the various substances which come forth from there is something I don't share, and frankly, don't really understand, either.

Perhaps you can invite Zyngacita and the other players you mentioned over here for some good clean acro fun.
5/9/2017 10:25 PM
Furthermore - let me say that it's a good thing some AC (and perhaps some AF) players are trying to bridge the gap.

Checking the "Profiles/Stats" list, at present there are just 48 players here who have "played in the last 5 days".

That is a very small number, and if the numbers at AF are similar, then somehow merging the two communities would be to everyone's benefit.

Suggestion to Michael: lengthen that 5-day threshold to at least 30 days to expand the list ... 60 or 90 would be fine, too - even a year.
Joe the UFO
5/11/2017 1:34 PM
Mr. Puzzle:

I'm definitely detecting "pussy" and "chicken" in your response.

Just saying.

Joe the UFO
5/11/2017 1:42 PM
All kidding aside, I've heard from some that player stats will not show for those who created an account AFTER Michael changed the password requirements to include numbers and special characters. This may be some of the reason why the player pool seems to be dwindling at AC.

5/11/2017 7:40 PM
Without descending to vulgar name calling,
I did give AF another shot last night.

I played two games.
The first was won by the highly touted Zyngacita,
by a comfortable margin, after which she left.

The second game was quite close, with several players,
including myself in contention, but someone else won
the last round, and the game.

I even had a bit of luck at one point:
in one round, there were four identical acros - and I mean identical including punctuation - and somehow mine got more votes than the others, as they all had separate vote totals.

Someone called "icedbergs" (the person running the site?) said something about merging identical acros "in the next release", which suggests that someone is interested in improving the game there, a plus for AF.

As to who wins:

There are two things to consider:

- who writes the best acros
- who gets the most votes

Whether those are the same may differ in the minds of different players. You will always have some who think the "wrong" acro won a round.

A player's style needs to mesh with the tastes of the voters, no matter how good his or her acros are.
If people are voting for so-called adult or adult-ish acros, which I will never write, then my vote gathering will be limited by that. On the other hand, I was ruling out at least half the acros on every round for that exact reason.

But aside from that ...
the too-long rounds, the random numbers of letters, the uncertainty about who sets the topic, the lack of detail on how the scoring works, and the lousy presentation, among other things make AF a distant second to AC as to where to play.

It also seems that there only three "lobbies" (or rooms) there: Beginner, Expert (fast rounds), and General, with
the last being where everyone plays. From the sounds of that, the Expert room would be more to my liking.

If the good AF players want to come here, and play clean,
then bring it on!
5/13/2017 3:16 AM
Interesting convo, you two. Joe, one time I won a round in Mr. Puzzle's room while dropping the 'F' bomb, lol.

Topic: What happened on your first day as a news anchor?
Letters: W T F I
My acro: With Tourette's. Fuck it.

It has been attempted, by me and others in the past, though it rarely pans out, to have 'cleanish' or 'semi-clean' games. Most of the time I like it clean, with a variety of topics other than just 'be as filthy as you can be' with acros involving certain anatomy and fluids as Mr. Puzzle mentions above, or 'graphic sexual depictions' as I've seen it called elsewhere.

But I like cussing at the same time. Weirdly now, in the clean rooms here, since the change-over here, from an installed version of AcroChallenge to web-based play, one can now cuss in acronyms but not in the chat.

I'd be interested in 'cleanish' round-winner topics in the moring or daytime, EST, for anyone interested, which might start anywhere from 7 am to 11 am, Eastern Time.

Would anybody be interested in something like this, and what time would be good for you in that case?
5/13/2017 3:35 PM
Day time games! We have played some ADULT room games over the last week during the day. So I am up for day time acro HERE!!!!
5/14/2017 11:37 AM
I'd like to make a correction to my earlier post, which suggested that 'semi-clean' or 'cleanish' games have not panned out here. Upon reflection, I think it is the same kind of game that happens nowadays in the evenings between 7 pm and 9 pm or thereabouts, with people like Joe and slobb, Mr. Peabody (or 'peabo') and other regulars. It's smart, adult level acros, but there are some distinctions which may just be a matter of taste, and trying to be on topic, too.

So if anybody is familiar with the type of play I'm refering to, and can play in the mornings or daytime here, I am proposing such a thing now, to check the level of interest there might be in something like that, and what would be the best time 'window' in the mornings to try and set up a regular game.
5/18/2017 3:15 AM
While I suspect that Michael would not mind, I never understood the idea of standing in Gimbels and yelling out, "Hey! There's a great store down the block named Macy's. You ought to try it out!"

5/18/2017 7:23 AM
I think, if I read Joe correctly, the intention is to get people from AF to get interested in coming here, as well as encouraging regulars here to go and meet some new, mostly nice people that they can play acro with, who for whatever reason(s) seem to prefer acroing in a slightly different format.

For AF regulars, I'd like to sell a few exclusive (for now) features here at AC:

1. Firstly, this discussion forum, to discuss the game, organize games, bitch, complain, be silly, whatever.

2. As stated on the AC homepage, AcroChallenge has:
"Advanced features like 'Player Blocks' and chat filtering can help block unwanted people and chat from being displayed on your screen." This is a very USEFUL feature.

3. There is the possibility of creating more different rooms here, for people of similar skill in the game but perhaps different tastes. This is especially useful when you have a very large number of people playing (I think more that 12 is starting to get much, for me). People can split up and make more rooms, according to their tastes and preferences.

Speaking of 'tastes and preferences', one top-ranking player at AF says they prefer to play with dark text on a lighter font.

How about a poll to see how people feel about that issue?

That is one, thing, that I think would be easy to program, some kind of cosmetic 'make-over'. I'm just throwing that out there =]

5/18/2017 11:11 AM
Oops, Re: "darker text on a lighter font", that I just wrote... I meant to say "darker text (font) on a lighter 'background'."
5/18/2017 4:03 PM
I meant no disrespect to Joe, who has never given me or anyone I know problems. It's just that I've always been "protective" of AcroChallenge.

As far as the other game goes, nothing says "NOT!" more than his telling me that there is no separation between adult and clean. While I have several adult friends, they play with me clean, or we chat in the lobby. I can't play a game that tosses us together to do whatever we want.
5/19/2017 1:15 AM
I just thought of another plus at AC:

4: The ability to send private messages to other players during game-olay.

5/19/2017 5:07 AM
Before asking for new features and options, how about just getting a few things fixed, any of which would be a first in the nearly 3 years since the web version first appeared:

1. Fix the bug where sometimes points won are not added to the player's score.

2. Losing your points if you disconnect from the site during a game.

3. The lobby display appearing for no apparent reason in the middle of a game, and repeating that behavior in the same round of subsequent games very predictably!

4. Taking an inordinate amount of time to detect a player's disconnection while everyone waits around for a minute or more.

5. The server being out of operation and not being rebooted for a long time because it's not being monitored.

5/20/2017 8:28 AM
Acrochallenge is Such a SUPERIOR site compared to AF's site Hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live Acrochallenge!!!!!
5/20/2017 10:55 AM
Who's asking for more features and options, Mr. P? I was praising the features and options already here. I wanted to know what others think about font and background only, a possible simply cosmetic 'paint job' that might be faster and cheaper to do than the bug fixes you recommend, though I'm no programmer. It would be nice for everything to be perfect, all the time, but I just roll with those little glitches as 'part of the experience.'

Anyway, I tried to start a morning game around 10 a.m., EST, and gave up after about 20 minutes and getting disconnected a couple of times. Somebody else tried to set up a dirty room game, but there were no takers there, not even me.

I may try again another time, around 11:00 or 12 in the morning EST.
5/20/2017 11:40 AM
Another way of looking at the odd time you don't get points for winning a round, every once in a while, is that it seems to happen to everyone, some of the time, so it's an element of 'randomness' or 'luck'. Many classic games involve a certain element of luck as well as skill, like poker, in the cards you get, or Risk and Monopoly, where success partly depends on the roll of the dice.

As for people getting stuck for a minute, now and then, before they are booted by either the bot or by players, it would be nice for that not to happen, but it's not such a big deal to me, personally.

Oh, that's another feature here, you can boot people out if you have a majority of people voting to do so. This seems to be used when someone is majorly stuck, more than anything, because simply blocking and ignoring snerts is enough to make them go away of their own accord, in most cases I think.
5/20/2017 12:51 PM
Oh, and, another feature here:

6. Password games. You can make a room with a password if it is for a select group of family or friends to play, or if the trolls come in gangs and make things too difficult for regulars trying to play the kind of game they want.
5/22/2017 2:06 PM
This version of AC is a huge improvement over the downloaded one - for one thing, MAC users are no longer shut out entirely. AF is a far distant second in many respects.

The features you mention are good things.
Overall, it's quite a good job, with a few flaws.

But it was released almost 3 years ago - an eternity in the software world. That is more than enough time to find and fix those few bugs, which, yes, aren't the end of the world, but in this day and age, there isn't any good reason to have them.
5/28/2017 12:41 PM
Thanks for the extra thoughts on that Mr. P.

Since the topic of this thread started by Joe was 'more thoughts on Acrofever', I'd like to offer some contructive criticism in their direction too, since they don't havediscussion forum of their own, yet. That could be a 'members only' feature and a way to solicit a bit of financial support, even if it is only small amount, and I'm just throwing that out there too. So far for the last 15 years or so Michael has been footing the bill for all of this.

A number of online gaming websites offer free play, which is enough to keep most people entertained, but you can get extra 'bells and whistles' if you pay for a membership ('Hall of Fame' mention could be something reserved for paying members too, just saying, trying to think practically, or 'business like' for a moment.

I guess there are not enough people playing right now, to attempt this sort of thing, but it could be that the online acro game in general might regain some of its earlier momentum and popularity, I don't know. It's a pretty good game for those who like expressing themselves in creative ways in English and getting some immediate gratification for themselves in terms of getting votes and even winning games occasionally.

To get back to the subject of this thread, which was 'More thoughts on Acrofever', and since I borrowed a bunch of their topics a while ago to make some suggestions for topics for people playing here, I'd like to offer the following 'edit' suggestions on suggested topics at AF. The problem is, although the time allotted to enter topics tends to be a tad long in the 'General' acro rooms, or 'lobbies' over there, the time to enter topics is a bit short, I've noticed, regularly speaking. As a result, players often do not seem to have the time to think of a topic to go with the letters provided (which are displayed before you choose a topic at AF), and so it ends up being a 'bot' pick for the topic, and too often, too my own taste and to other players I've seen complaining about some of these topics, are:

a. Various Christmas topics (it's May, people, almost June), such as 'Why isn't Santa coming for Cristmas this year?' or 'What is Santa giving the bad children instead of coal in their stockings this year?' or 'Why is Ms. Santa unhappy?' etc.

Another 'auto' topic that others besides me find a bit tasteless is 'Found in Anne Frank's diary'. I hope I don't need to explain why this makes most people uncomfortable, who know who Anne Frank is.

And 'Why are you a liar?'. This seems to assume that everyone playing is a liar by nature, all of the time, and that is only true for 'some' people. To feel a little more universally appealing, it could be called, 'Why did you have to lie?' or something like that.

And I leave the floor to anyone who has any further thoughts about Acrofever, cheers.
5/29/2017 3:35 AM
oops again, this line might have been confusing in my last post:

"... although the time allotted to enter topics tends to be a tad long in the 'General' acro rooms, or 'lobbies' over there, the time to enter topics is a bit short, I've noticed..."

I meant to say the time allotted to enter ACROS is a bit long in 'General' lobby over there, especially for acros of 4 letters or more, while the time for topic selection could use a few more seconds, in my opinion =]
6/3/2017 10:03 PM
Thank you all for the robust and civil discussion of Acrochallenge and Acrofever. I'm in the "clean" preference, so Acrofever's mixed entries are not my thing. Bazu, regarding your Tourette's acro which I was present for, it was elevated from non-clean by its cleverness in response to the prompt and the lettrs. Joe the UFO, as you know I tried Acrofever, but I agree with Mr P that as things currently stand, it would be better to invite the good players there over to here until Acrofever changes the issues critiqued astutely above by Mr P, which I agree with. To reframe, I'm glad we have at least 48 regulars on here. Peace, Love, bilbolives

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