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"How soon"
Started by fuct on 5/1/2017 1:26:29 AM

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5/1/2017 1:26 AM
How soon we forget
Last i was playying on fever when donkey said

Heywere all challengers her wtf r we doing in fever?

An so we left
An went to challenge

Imwas mad at myself
5/1/2017 4:36 PM
Rubberdonkey was in AF? DAMN.. We NEED to keep acrochallenge going!!
5/3/2017 1:20 AM
Whats AF? and where is everyone?
5/3/2017 2:57 AM
People are fickle
They forget whats i portant to them

5/6/2017 4:07 AM
Yes Rehab, I did break my word and went over to AF because no one was playing here on AC. It wasn't to be a traitor and switch sides, it was to see what it was all about and to see how many AC'ers were over there.

I played a couple of games and found that (no offense to the creators)it is very inferior to AC. AC is just so much smoother in all aspects. Plus, to a slightly optically challenged person as myself, AC has the correct colors for me to be able to have the correct contrast that I see very well.

They do have some nice folks over there but they need to come try it here, not AC folks drifting over yonder.
5/6/2017 11:22 PM
I agree Robert that site is NO were near as good as acrochallenge, we gotta do something or this site will be gone!!
5/7/2017 2:02 AM
I know Buddy but what can we do as an incentive?

Everyone came out to say something when Michael asked if he should shut it down but where are they now?

Do we need to post set times for people to show up? I don't have any ideas on what else to do other than try to get the AC'ers back from AF and try to convince the AF'ers to come over here for a better game.

Any ideas on your part?
5/7/2017 12:29 PM
We can tell those players in af about AC's options, MORE rooms, faster pace, ect.. You know AC is a superior site. I feel like if we can get them to come here they will see it. We just got to get the word out. to keep AC alive!! Now don't get me wrong I don't mean no ill will towards af because both sites feel a void af seems to have a lot of day time players and that's good!!! But we need to get the night time players here. Remember when we would have 2 or more Adult rooms going at once? You cant do that in af's site its just a big cluster. Also some of the af players might not be up to playing with the BIG boys & girls her in AC but we need them to come and check it out, and if they do I'm sure we will gain some good players here, don't you think?
5/20/2017 2:32 AM
Give me a time and date and I'll be here!!

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