Installation and Game Issues

"People Causing Problems!"
Started by rehab33 on 11/4/2016 3:26:04 AM

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11/4/2016 3:26 AM
We now have a problem with someone (more than 2 people) coping names of exzisting players and causing problems!!! I hope this can be STOPED because its making the game NO fun to play anymore! If it cant be stopped I will just stop playing!
11/5/2016 4:16 AM
Loli agree hab
It should be stoped
It must be stoped
11/6/2016 8:54 AM
Stoping this issue is my top priority!

Joking aside, I did make a couple of changes to make it more difficult to spoof a name.
11/7/2016 3:48 AM
Thanks for trying Michael maybe it will help!
11/7/2016 11:22 PM
Theres always hope isnt there?


.....Theres no hope

The interlopers arent badd
And they can be quite normal
As far as normal goesin here

I guess
Is snot
All that normal

Hopefully they will learn its more fun to play with us then it is to piss us off

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