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"@n @cro @nomoly?"
Started by I will acro 4 food on 4/27/2016 10:26:35 AM

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I will acro 4 food
4/27/2016 10:26 AM
While playing last night the "@" symbol popped onto the screen as one of the letters players were to use in their acro! Of course all the peeps in the room tried to use @ in their acro, but the game parameters rejected everyone's entry. So, no acro to vote on, and the game went on to the next round. I thought having the @ symbol as a legitimate "letter" for creating my acro was an interesting idea, but it seems as if this is a bug in the program. I've been playing this incarnation of the game since it's inception and have never seen the @ sign appear on the screen- until now.
4/27/2016 3:25 PM
That's a new one on me!!!!!!!!!!!
4/28/2016 10:15 PM
This problem has come up before.

See this thread from December, 2015:

No action has been taken to correct this (or any other) problem. (Such as not recording round points every so often.)

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