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"Where are they now?"
Started by IvannaTinkle on 3/2/2016 1:49:08 PM

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3/2/2016 1:49 PM
Haven't been on acro for literally years and was wondering if some people still played like HeddNurse, Johnny Bravo, BillCosby. Would love to get back in touch with many of you!
3/2/2016 11:24 PM


I don't remember the other too but I rember. He'd nurse...

It's possible. She had
Some issues or something and life. Took her. On a. Different. Path.

I think
3/2/2016 11:25 PM
Fuck. Who would want to be. Billcosby now?
3/3/2016 10:05 AM
I was also wondering about SexToysRus, Songfighter.... miss the good old days on here.
Jane Eyre
3/3/2016 12:13 PM
My father used to say, "These are the good old days." Welcome home, Ivanna.

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