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Started by amysloved on 2/20/2016 4:59:53 AM

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2/20/2016 4:59 AM
Its with sad news that I write this one of our well loved regulars sisterfister aka dar has passed away as of 1233 am pst 02/20/2016 she had stage 4 liver cancer diagnosed in july . And the last 2 months took its toll and her life please keep the family n friends who love her in ur thoughts and prayers. I will miss u Darlene Oyler fly with the angels and rst in peace now ...
2/20/2016 8:37 AM
I remember so well, the many late nights I stayed up playing with one of the funniest, intelligent, caring people I have known.. I met Dar on here back in '94.. she made me laugh and smile each and every time I seen her. May your final journey be met with those who you have loved and lost.. Godspeed my friend ~j~ ((((( Sissy~ )))))
2/20/2016 3:50 PM
My prayers go out to Dar's family. I met Dar back in the late 90's when I first started playing Acrophobia and I had been to a couple of the Acro parties she threw back in the day. We were all crazy, and it was her that gave me this acro handle. LOL Sitting at the first acro party I attended, I told her that I needed a new acro handle. (I had been going by Mrs. Bond 007) then I said something and she was laughing at me and said, "You're fucking crazy!" Wait, that is your new acro handle! That is how FüKiNÇrAzY came about.

She was just as caring and loving in person as she was in the game. I have a lot of wonderful memories of Dar and funny ones at that. Acro will never be the same without her.
The wonderful thing is... she knew she was loved when she was alive and that to me is important.

You are already missed my dear friend.
2/20/2016 11:04 PM
It's a great loss to Acroland. May she rest in peace.
2/21/2016 12:50 AM
SisterFister May You Rest In Peace!!! You Were The First Person To Encourage Me To Keep Trying And Playing Adult AcroChallenge Because I Sucked Soooo Bad... And Still Do But I Play Because Of Her!!!!!!!! You Will Be MISSED BY ALL!!!! So Freaking Sad, But At Least She Isn't In ANY Pain Anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/21/2016 4:11 AM

You r missed sister

I. Remember one night


You were
". Thrusting your snatch at school dance"

I almost pissed myself. Over that one

I remember
. Sister making an. Acro
That. Was. Just. Such a ridiculous. Visual

So. When I think of. Sister. I. Will always.
Think of her

"Thrusting her snatch at school dance"

And. I wi.ll smile. A little

2/21/2016 4:57 AM


2/21/2016 4:56 PM
I remember Sister and I'm so sad to hear this. Thinking of her friends and family at this difficult time. May she rest in peace. Hug the ones you love today guys because tomorrow is never promised. ((((friends))))
2/27/2016 7:06 AM
I remember meeting you in June of 2002 Dar. You were the very first one to welcome me to this version of acro. From the very start we were friends. Not just internet buddies but FRIENDS. I thank you so very much for many many long conversations and I will miss them very much while I still live on this plain of existence.

My life isn't destined to be a long one and when my time does come, I promise that I will seek you out and hang with you in Heaven. There are things that I hope we get to do in Heaven and one of those is being able to acro with all those that have gone before me.

I miss you & love you Dar,

2/28/2016 8:56 PM
Well said Robert I feel the same way about SisterFister she was the 1st person I became friends with thru acro, and I miss talking to her, but we will see her again one day believe that!!!!, Buddy!
orange crush
3/2/2016 12:58 AM
I also met Darla back in 2002. Over the many years and countless late night hours playing and chatting and joking, she became one of my dearest friends. Someone I could always count on. Acro and Dar were always there when everything else in my life was shit. I will miss her and cherish the memories forever.

I don't know if there is a heaven or anything after this, but Dar, if we ever get to play again.....

3/2/2016 1:15 PM
I haven't played acrochallenge for quite some time, but today I decided to log on to see what was happening.... no one in the lobby, so of course I head to the discussion boards..... I am so very saddened to hear of Sister's passing. We had some great times on here years ago. May you rest in peace Dar!
3/2/2016 11:22 PM
I know what you mean. Of. About. Being able to count on. Acro..

Even if you've had a hard. Day you can come on here. And have a good time...

So. Can forget. For. A minute

So lmao it really pisses me off. If the game is down or their is no game
3/5/2016 12:24 AM
This is FrontButt!™ I can't logon to forums under that name for some reason.

I met SisterFister years ago when I was on vacation in California. I was drunk as hell when I got to her place. We smoked a fat joint, then played acro. When I went in to use her bathroom, I tripped, grabbed onto her towel rack, ripped it clean out of the wall & threw it in her bath tub. Good times. She was a good chic.

She was also one of only 2 active players who know my real name, where I live, & what I look like. :) HAHAHA!
Chief Swinging Beef
3/9/2016 9:59 PM
Dar was the first friend I made on Acrochallenge, and the first person to ever email me a picture of her boobs.

I'm really going to miss you Dar, so I hope you don't mind if I make an acro about you every once in a while.

Love you.
Douglas aka (Beefy).

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