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"Hey Michael"
Started by Chief Swinging Beef on 8/21/2015 9:52:37 PM

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Chief Swinging Beef
8/21/2015 9:52 PM
Thank you for getting the game started up again. (8/21/2015)
It is a fun game.
8/25/2015 2:56 PM
<---- Agrees with Chief!!!!!
9/2/2015 2:05 AM
happy to be an absent host :)

honestly i check on this thing once a month. wish i had more time but my wife already complains that work takes up too much of my time. Thus the 2AM post.
9/5/2015 3:34 AM
There are free services such as
which monitor a site and email you
if they detect something amiss.

You can have it fetch a certain page
and check for the presence of keywords.

Admittedly, in the present case it might not
have helped, since the login page looked ok,
but did not function, but perhaps a different
fetch - or one custom built to purpose -
would work in such a situation.

Either that or set up some way for players to
notify you of problems in such a way that you
don't have to check for messages ... they just
show up in your normal stream.
9/7/2015 3:07 AM

in some ways
we are like small children
we think the
revolves around us


i try not to bitch
...not that your bitchin mr puzzle..!

ask people to
go out of thier way for me

9/14/2015 1:46 AM
Yes, thanks for keeping the game going, Michael. It's the only acro game in town, and I often wonder why more people don't come and play such a fun game, in a world as big as this one.

Still, there seems to be a good regular crowd here daily, even if it is not non-stop, 24-hours a day, which would be nice.

I like some of the tweaks to the new online version, too, such as the possibility of getting multiples of the same letter in acronyms now, especially if they are consonants.

Alliteration is fun!
9/14/2015 3:30 AM
Yes. Snapper it is fun and it keeps your mind. Busy from thinking. Other. Stuff you'd. Rather. Not think
9/18/2015 1:16 PM
<---- Agrees with fuct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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