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"Wednesday Eve August 19 - Site Broken"
Started by MrPuzzle on 8/20/2015 1:26:44 AM

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8/20/2015 1:26 AM
Acrochallenge game and website somewhat broken.

Accessing the "Who's Playing" page returns an error page.
It says,

Server Error in '/' Application.
Runtime Error
Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

The login page opens OK, but if you try to login in just hangs.

8/20/2015 4:06 AM
and I can't figure out what to do with myself...
8/20/2015 8:15 AM
Who Do You Contact Too Fix It????????????????
8/20/2015 8:48 PM
I'm getting this same error :/
8/20/2015 10:03 PM
Hi...Thurs. nite....i cant get beyond the 'sign in' will not connect! Going through withdrawel :(
Chief Swinging Beef
8/21/2015 12:23 AM
Thursday August 20th.
Site is still broken.
Most of the survivors are busy looking for food.
Rubberdonkey found a coffee can full of water. It won't last us long but.. for now it is all we have.
Denee' has sent Poopjuice in search of others in the forbidden zone. We do not expect to see him again.
The rest of us have sent a "real" search party in the direction of the clean rooms.
Lets hope they have better luck.
8/21/2015 2:24 AM

i shouldn't of
said anything about mike having big feet....

8/21/2015 4:45 AM

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