Friendly Banter

Started by rehab33 on 8/1/2015 1:44:08 AM

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8/1/2015 1:44 AM
Don't play with this person!!! Such A Bad Player!
Chief Swinging Beef
8/1/2015 10:25 PM
I agree.
Completely impolite.
He gets a group of people that have never played before.
Creates a room with a password.
Titles the room with the password in the title.
Then gets all his friends to instantly kick out any regular players that enter the room.
When that room is disbanded, comes into the room made by the kicked players and harasses them until they disband that room.

This is the way POOPSTAIN likes to play acrochallenge.
8/2/2015 12:27 AM
F*c*... POOPSTAIN...........................
8/2/2015 2:19 AM
ohhh maybe i should of red this post first...
8/4/2015 1:19 AM
You would think people would have better things to do with their time....
8/14/2015 10:47 PM
Poopstain is a B!t*h!
8/15/2015 1:27 AM

no habster im sure its a he
8/17/2015 1:25 PM
Well The
fuct He
Is A
8/18/2015 1:01 AM

lol hab
i feel sorry for bastards
casue the dont have afather

but i guess
in some cases
that snot a bad thing

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