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"Happy Hump Day Late Evening Chatterbox Thread"
Started by amysloved on 4/22/2015 10:20:01 PM

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4/22/2015 10:20 PM
Hi ya folks! i knoq its been awhile, i saw fabbys fabulous post on Easter! sorry I missed it, I thought i would try something new, post a late evening Chatterbox thread were we can pop in anytime, give those inquring minds update on how each of us are doing. Me works been keepin me crazy nuts, i am still keeping an eye out for a new job. preferrably one thats less stressful. otherwise things are same ole same ole. i got to see my mom last weekend in Feb, for a couple days. that was nice.
I been thinking about our breakfast clubbers. hope yall are doing well.. fabby hope your moms on the mend.hope everyone is enjoying their spring, soon to be Summer!

Heres some Coffee leaded and unleaded, flavor shots sugar creamer.
iced tea sweet tea
iced ocffee
cold sodas variety.
theres some cookies, mini cupcakes, veggies, fruit
finger sammiches.. grab a plate some snacks and sit a spell!
have a great evening!
4/24/2015 10:21 AM
HAPPY TGIF looks like a tomb in aroland here, just thought i would drop in see anyone was stirring about. Hope everyone has a great weekend! As for me, the weekend should good, its Monday i dread, i have een "Summoned" for jury duty, i have never been, alittle nervous, i cannot not financially afford to miss work to do jury duty, i wonder if that would get me off the hoook hmm? that or I cannot promise to keep my mouth shut, anyone who truely knows me... knows i am always blabbing. oh well whatever will be will be..
hope everyone has great weekend!
heres some coffee leaded n unleaded, droppin off as i head out the door! TTFN!
Mr. PeaBody
4/24/2015 9:03 PM
Be vewy,vewy quiet we are hunting wabbits........ Hi Amy :)
4/25/2015 12:35 AM
Financial hardship is a good reason to opt out of jury duty. That, or it's against your religion to judge people since it says in the bible. Let alone the fact it's "mandatory" to show if you don't have a "viable" reason and permission slip from somewhere, or be fined. Not exactly a freedom, I think. Anyway you choose to opt out or if you go to the cattle call and wait you still might get let go before even going to selection. Good luck with that. lol :)
4/25/2015 2:00 AM
Every time I've ever been called, it's been that I get selected and we get into the courtroom and they plead out before it starts or I call in to check and they tell me it's not happening.

If you do have to go through the jury selection process Amy, just tell they you hate whites, blacks, reds, browns and yellows. It pretty much covers the rainbow and therefore diqualifies you. Or tell them that you will vote guilty no matter what.
4/27/2015 4:46 AM
I think I come in on the early AM of this post.. depends on how you view it...


Spring is slow to arrive in my neck of the woods.. cold and wet most days.. End of April and just finally had to mow.. well the grandson did... gotta love them fellars!! LOL..

Coffee's ready as always!!
Jane Eyre
4/27/2015 8:14 PM
Do a good job, Fabby!

Hi all o'yas! Hugs.

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