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"Day time games anyone?"
Started by Ross0434 on 2/17/2015 4:01:11 PM

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2/17/2015 4:01 PM
Not sure if this will achieve anything, but if anyone else is interested, I'd like to try organizing some day time/afternoon games. I think that there might be a few people that are logging in throughout the day, now and then, but if we don't all login at the same time, then we each see an empty game and leave. If anyone else would be interested in weekday, day time games, maybe we could communicate to get enough people on the same schedule in order to get a game going!

Please reply with interest/suggestions.
Jane Eyre
2/18/2015 6:40 PM
Hi, Ross. I think you might have more luck if you post a specific time you will be on, or if you ask for suggested times. I'm sure you can get together a day game, but people have to know when is the best time to sign in.

We used to have games all day and all night. I wish you luck.
2/20/2015 3:03 PM
A few of us got together today at 10:00am CST and will probably try again on Monday and other weekdays. I will post here with times when people are meeting for day games!
2/21/2015 9:30 AM
If I am online and I check the website and there are players gathering, I'll log in to play.

Also a reminder for new players or newly created names on this website that were not created before the changeover:

If you want your name to appear in the Profiles / Stats section, you need to go to your profile and disable the statistics and then re-enable them. You'll lose any stats you had, but it will then start counting to show up there.
2/21/2015 9:43 AM
In your case, Ross.. it appears you do not have statistics turned off, and must have played at least one game. However, your profile is not adding anything, except your highest acro. So.. this will probably get the ball rolling if you want the site to keep track of everything for you.
2/23/2015 1:45 PM
Hey Glint,
Is there a certain time during the day that you are usually logging in to see if there is a game?
2/23/2015 5:19 PM
There are 3 of us that are trying to meet in the mornings at 10:00am CST. Feel free to join us!
2/23/2015 6:49 PM
Okay, I'll check around that time. Thanks Ross .. I usually just check the site whenever i'm online
2/23/2015 8:29 PM
forgot which name i logged in with belun = glint or whatever

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