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Started by fabulousfifty1 on 12/12/2014 7:00:32 AM

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12/12/2014 7:00 AM
Rise and shine and all that jazz.. Been a hectic few weeks and I just haven't been online that much lately.. My mother's health has been a major issue with an episode of congestive heart followed by an attack of diverticulits this week along with a UTI.. Then on top of that the oldest grandson moved back in after a not so pretty breakup with the longtime girlie friend.. so non stop chaos.. In all the chaos a tree is up, three batches of chex mix made and two rounds of fudge.. Not a gift wrapped.... still two weeks left to play catch up..

Coffee is ready.. grab a cup of my black gold..
12/13/2014 12:27 AM
fabby lives! woohoo we have missed u! wow! sounds like complete pandomonium at ur place these last few weeks, hope all is getting back to normal for u, and 2 wks for present wrapping no sweat u can do it. for my and hubby today we attending his nephews funeral, very sad event, tears shed, memories shared. and alot of family time.
hope ur mom is feeling better fabby, and ur pooor grandson, how young is he? dunno why im up after midnite, soo i guess this is the early breakfast club continued..

heres some more caffeinated coffee for ya
and unleaded for jane..

keep in touch fabby.. and take care! :)
12/14/2014 3:54 AM
Sorry about the loss in your family... always tough but seems to sting a little more this time of year...

I'm up prowling at my usual middle of the night hour.. Coffee's ready, grab a cup!!! Pretty dead in here most days... Sad!
Jane Eyre
12/14/2014 4:26 AM
I'm very sorry, Amy. Very sad. I send my condolences to your family.

And Fabby, you must have several new gray hairs. I have a few more, too. Last week, I was supposed to take my father to a defibrillator check in Manhattan. Over the Brooklyn Bridge. I postponed it for a week because protestors were closing down the bridge. So we went this past Friday. My father had a cold and I asked the doctor to check his chest. He surprised us all by saying that he thought my father might have pneumonia, and might require hospitalization. We ran for a chest x-ray and thank goodness, he was ok. Started antibiotics and is feeling a little better already. But I just heard that yesterday, Saturday, the protestors were back, and closed down the Brooklyn Bridge. Sounds like I was very lucky to have gone exactly when I did, not earlier and not later.

Anyway, I wish us all a quiet, happy week. Boring is good, I always say.
12/14/2014 4:45 PM
howdy ladies, its sunday afternoon, almost dinner time, and wow! jane, i just read more on the protesters in NY, u just made it in and out in time, with that brooklyn bridge choas.. tomorrow starts another week of work! ugh.. hope u ladies have a great week, i will check back in, in a couple days..


12/15/2014 5:15 AM
I guess I am thankful I live on my hill in the ville and far from the maddening crowds.. Don't know how you do that big city stuff Jane... As for the gray hair, there wasn't any left to turn gray.. I am pretty much totally white/silver.. I don't fool anyone or myself with that Lady Clairol crap... LOL..

Coffee is ready in my world.. Hoping for a quiet day today.. Yesterday was non stop chaos and run, run, run..and I'm not talking the Boston Marathon... I am ready to usher in the new year.. The past couple of months have been WHOA!!!! Enough griping, have a cup... It's soooooooooooooooo good...
Jane Eyre
12/16/2014 7:55 PM
You get used to it! Come visit. You'd love it!
12/20/2014 4:12 AM
Sorry to hear all you ladies are having your challenges as of late.
I hope things get way better for each of you in your own personal worlds!

Not much going on here in Bayberry. I got all my Christmas cards out on time.....I think it may have been the first time ever.....

We got our first snow last saturday evening. Only about two inches.

Micki Cat had an appt at the vet and come to find out she had a raging UTI, poor thing! I'm currently tending to her with antibiotics and an IV solution once a day for five days. Two days into it and I can tell she's feeling better already.

Other than that, not a damned thing going on, lol.
12/20/2014 10:46 AM
RD!!!! Good to see you.. Just a minute to post.. off to the land of Wally.. If I need bail money I will yell.. Have to go to the big city to shop for my mother.. Not much improvement with her ailments.. It has taken the wind out of her sails.. 88 is catching up...

Coffee has been brewing in my world for hours ... HAGD!!!!
Jane Eyre
12/20/2014 7:18 PM
((((((RD))))) Hey!

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