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"The 2nd Sunday Weeklong Breakfast Club Thread"
Started by amysloved on 11/30/2014 2:20:36 PM

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11/30/2014 2:20 PM
Wow Jane sounds like a blast had by all on black friday shopping day.. but sounds exhausting. this sunday is recooperation day for me, since i worked yesterday, just gonna lie in bed watch movies n football. Although football is hubbys idea..I am excited though, since i worked saturday.. i get the 4th off this comin thurs, i requested that day since its that time of year again.. Bday time, another yr older and none the wiser lol

gonna put out some coffee for jane and fabby, the usual as requested, unleaded and leaded!
heres some pumpkin muffins to snack on..

i will ck back laters! have a good week ladies
Jane Eyre
11/30/2014 7:07 PM
Quiet here today. The end of the holiday weekend. Quiet isn't a bad thing.

Thanks for the decaf!
12/1/2014 10:14 PM
your welcome jane, anytime! anyone seen Loretta swishin around lately? lol, well im just poppin in to say hello hope yall had a good monday, mine was a typical chaotic workday monday, and im fixin to crash here in a min.. hope your week is happy and productive! btw anyone seen or heard from Foxy girl?? k catch yall tomorrow..niters!
12/2/2014 10:23 PM
just checkin in, had a decent day at work, then on way home while on phone with hubby, he told me some news that i am still in shock over... our nephew,(step) bro in laws stepson..... was killed this morning in a baddd accident involving black ice, an already dead deer, and a semi truck that tboned the van our nephew was. smashed right into passenger side where he was riding, and ejected him from the van...he was dead on scene. he was only 23.. soo young. i know his parents and well the rest of the family could use some prayers... thanks yall
12/5/2014 9:33 AM
hey everyone, its Fri TGIF! yayy, hope yall had a good week, mines been up n down like a rollercoaster, learning of my nephews passing, then having a bday yesterday, which was pretty decent especially since i didnt work! wohoo! and all the bday wishes from all my acro peeps and friends n family on facebook. that made it its back to the grindstone today, BUT i got weekened off! even better, soo everyone ready for SAnty? nope not me! xmas tree is goin up this weekend. no gift sharing this year for hubby and i, since we are a 1 household income presently, and theres no extra$$ for extra things..soo we will enjoy our xmas tree, our xmas dinner and each others company with our fur children(kitties n bunny) sooo i will check in this weekend and post a new thread on sunday..

heres fabby leaded coffee! and janes unleaded and some xmas cookies for a sweet treat..


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