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"Ambulance Chasers 2014 style"
Started by Owen on 11/5/2014 11:24:08 AM

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11/5/2014 11:24 AM
Last Saturday, the 1st, I had a mild fender bender at Walmart when a woman pulled out of her parking spot as I was driving down the parking lot aisle and ran head on into the back driver's door of my van (not sure where she was looking, obviously not forward, even the cop said she was in the wrong) but since I only have liability on my 2002 Chrysler van, and the door works, and whats another dent... my insurance company said not to put in a claim as it would only up my premium. I did have police report in case she came back in a couple months claiming it was my fault and whiplash. But since then I've had well over a dozen phone calls and about 8 mailings from doctors and insurance lawyers and what not wanting to know if I was hurt and wanted to put in a claim.

Has this country got that crazy over lawsuits, or is business so bad that lawyers are trolling for clients now???
Sit Ubu Sit
11/7/2014 8:44 PM
I've only had one accident in my life. Back in 1994 I was going to the movie theatre to see a Pink Floyd showing of "The Wall" in surround sound! It was a bid deal back then. So, naturally, I had taken a few hits of acid as I left the house so that it would be kicking in about the time the movie started.

On the way I stopped to fill up with gas. I was standing outside of my parked car, keys in my pocket, hose nozzle in the fuel tank and pumping away. Some 19 year old girl comes hauling into the gas station and hits me head on at about 30 miles per hour. My car was left very smashed and unable to even start.

The police came and filed a report stating that I was not even in my car and that she was completely at fault. However, because I told the officer that I was about to start tripping really hard he noted that in the statement as well.

Her insurance company sued my insurance and I had to pay for both the repairs to her front head light and bumper as well as my entire new car since mine was virtually totaled. The reasoning was that I had admitted to driving under the influence. I wasn't even driving!
11/8/2014 2:01 AM
duh ubu

how did the car get to the gas pumps?
did you push it?

just do it at the gas bar

11/19/2014 1:22 PM
I hate to point out the obvious.. But, anyone who just had their vehicle wrecked, THEN would admit to the investigating COP that he dropped LSD recently, definately deserved to lose. Another obvious point to mention is responsible drinkers have a designated driver when they plan on getting drunk, as should some one dropping multiple doses! At least by any one not wanting to risk injury or death to innocent people sharing the roads after you've melted for 2 hrs watching the wall,knowing that you haven't even started to really peak yet after that short of time( and that many hits)You SHOULD have a gallon of orange juice and a DESIGNATED DRIVER!

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