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Started by fabulousfifty1 on 9/15/2014 7:31:55 AM

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9/15/2014 7:31 AM
RIse and shine.. been MIA for a few.. The ex/former mother in law passed away on 9/11 and the last few days have been hectic.. I wasn't close with her but have been there for the couple of sisters that I have been close with since Gimpy's death.. Delay with the services for umpteen reason so the viewing is today and burial tomorrow...

Sorry to hear about the job situation, Amy.. can you collect unemployment or was it one of those small places that didn't pay in... There are oodles of jobs in Florida I'm sure so best of luck... Hope that princess fall in a big old pile of horse doo doo/crap... I could have said the S word but Loretta wouldn't approve.. LOL.. GOOD LUCK..

Coffee is always ready in my world.. gonna need gallons for the next couple of days... I have three stale Krispy Kremes for anyone that passes thru... They are glazed, I ate the ones with all the good goooooooooooooooo in the middle.. sorry bout your luck...
Jane Eyre
9/15/2014 10:47 AM
I'm sorry for your loss, Fabby. :-(

Weather changed dramatically here in the past week. Was about 90 straight through the summer, followed by a week of absolutely beautiful (about 70) here, and today suddenly got noticeably cooler. As long as it doesn't snow.

Didn't sleep well last night. What else is new! I think I'm gonna try to take a little nap sometime today.
9/15/2014 8:53 PM
fabby I am so sorry for your loss, hope things get back to normal for ya soon.... and thanks about the job loss.. its a small ranch, but bossman paid us out of the McDonalds acct.. taxes were paid, as for unemployment we can try to file for it, but he fight tooth n nail not pay us. soo we are searching jobs online, and applyin online first, so we don't waste our gas in the car. The one thing we realized about bossman, is He and the bosslady Sold Out! to a 26 yr old manipulative lil Biotch. they didn't wanna let us, but got tired of listening to HER complain, so they gave in..and got rid of us. ok well im outta here! see yall in te mornin

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