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"Sunday morning breakfast club"
Started by amysloved on 9/14/2014 5:23:22 AM

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9/14/2014 5:23 AM
morning rise n shine, or stay in bed, whatever yalls preference, me im up with the chickens..or rather beforethe chickens. My mind doesn't shut off these days n nites. I know Janes aware of the latest upheaval in my life. but to bring fabby up to speed and any others. remember the job I had at the horse ranch, how I loved that job.. well hubby and I got fired Friday. AND it all goes back to bossgirl, bein the spoiled rotten princess she is getting her way and bossman n bosslady giving in. We were there for 7 yrs, dependable, reliable always on time, you couldn't ask for more. apparently my hubby has a bit of a temper, but he tries really hard to keep it in check but for months now, princess and her bf have been tryin to provoke us into doin something to give her reason to complain to mommy n daddy n reason for them to get rid of us, well that happened thurs nite. I have been devastated for 2days..but comin around now. hubbys been my rock. what our worry now is bossman bought us our car outright and we make bi weekly he landlord. we dunno if hes gonns try and take car or not, but titles in my name as owner. and as for bootin us out of apt..we have a place we can move to if need be. soo on that note.. time for FOOOD n COFFEE

REg coffee. big POt..and decaf for jane n others

donuts today! help urself grab a seat n relax

have a happy sunday
Jane Eyre
9/14/2014 8:24 AM
:-( Amy
9/14/2014 8:28 AM
I've been fired from a job a couple of times and its never a good feeling to begin with, but try to look at it from the perspective that you arent any worse off than you were before you got that job. You were looking for a job when you found that one, so no great loss.

/ME grabs donuts and a refill of the real stuff.
9/14/2014 6:50 PM
Your Right Rick..totally, and as they say one door closes another one opens.. and it could be for something much better.. I just gotta be positive... thanks jane.. thank rick! btw rick my thoughts n prayers for u and ur family on your dad.. u do know hes watchin your every move now lol enjoy ur happy memories! hugss

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