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Started by fabulousfifty1 on 9/5/2014 5:28:38 AM

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9/5/2014 5:28 AM
Rise and shine or yet another warm and humid sticky Friday morning in this river valley.. Suppose to blow out of her tomorrow and none too soon.. I'm ready for fall weather, mums, brilliant colors.. just not what follows.. the S word...

Coffee is ready,full leaded and black... Keep forgetting to buy that creamer.. Darn!! I have a couple of really stale muffins from Sam's club so hopefully Loretta will swish thru here later.. Too early for food anyway...

Nothing on my agenda.. keep saying I'm gonna start painting the kitchen but I'm suffering from Glidden Burnout right now.. I painted all summer... maybe first of the week... just can't get motivated...

Well end of the work week for some, some not... depends on the job.. Me?? I'm retired!!! LOL... HAGD
Jane Eyre
9/5/2014 9:07 AM
Ready with the muffins. Banana nut again, but they aren't leftovers. Fresh this morning! Decaf with skim milk, and sugar for whoever wants.

Getting ready to go to Staples for my parents, who need a new cordless phone. I hope they have a single phone, and not one of those 10 headset things.

Have a good day, Fabby and whoever follows us in here.
9/5/2014 1:15 PM
You can get singles, double and triples at Walmart... I don't buy expensive ones.. when the batteries die I pitch them.. The batteries cost almost as much as a new phone.. Got two at the land of Wally for a little over 30.. Only have one jack and the other feeds off the main one... I am never upstairs except to sit on the "throne" and I don't even have a phone upstairs anymore.. With that being said you can count on that sucker ringing as soon as I sit on the above mentioned "throne"... Aren't you glad I shared that with you.. Had a little power nap so the coffee is fresh..
Jane Eyre
9/5/2014 1:28 PM
Yes, Fabby. I'm glad. That was important information! hahahaha

Walmart has a lot by VTech. Do you get those? I'm afraid the sound won't be good, and if the sound isn't good, I'll be talking to them while they're using it and I'll suffer. lol. I went to Staples and they had no single. I went to Sears and they only had two that were ripped open, and they charge a 15% restocking fee. I'm not taking a chance on that. So...I don't know. I'll probably try to talk him into getting a double or triple at Costco. Don't kow if I'll be able to.

But what brand do you have?
9/5/2014 3:46 PM
Mine are Vtech and have no issues with them.. I don't buy expensive phones... Pitch and buy new is my philosophy when the batteries start to die on them... I've had mine for nearly two years now and still doing fine..
Jane Eyre
9/5/2014 5:03 PM
I did some checking. Funny...some of the V-Techs get excellent reviews and people love them. Some of them, even more expensive, get crummy reviews and people hate them. Well, I took down the model numbers and noted which was which, and I'll make sure I get the good ones. Thanks for telling me that that brand can be ok. My parents appreciate it, and it'll save me a lot of running around.

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