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"The Humpday Breakfast Club"
Started by fabulousfifty1 on 9/3/2014 5:30:24 AM

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9/3/2014 5:30 AM
Rise and shine on this nice new Wednesday morning.. a welcome breath of fresh air in here.. Only thing I smell is freshly brewed coffee and perhaps Loretta baking muffins somewhere!!! Sure hope they are banana nut...

Hoping this rain is out of here, the grass is ankle high where you can't get it cut... Hot, humid and rain for days... I'm ready for some 70 degree fall weather but not winter... Hopefully I can get mowed in the early AM.. no Walmarting for me today... Got hugged by three men yesterday but two were married and one is way too young... LOL.. Better stay home and behave today...

Have a great Wednesday!!! If no one stops by, I will manage to take care of any leftover coffee!!!! HAGD!!!!

9/3/2014 7:30 AM
Good morning fabby dabby doodles! Long time no see :) I was to play catch up with the threads, not too well, but some things stuck out, I hope rick is doing okay, from what I read he needs big Foxy hugs , my thoughts and prayers to you and your family rixter, this is new. ... nice section Michael, sorry I haven't been around that often, life just gets crazy sometimes, I glad to see there is always a hot cup of Java and a smiling fabby when us strays find our way home! Have a wonderful day and as always great to see you are here and we'll mama! Good day to all that follow, love Foxy.
9/3/2014 7:34 AM
Ummmm one question how do you log off? Lol, or is it because I'm on my phone? Nope no log off button lol oh well I'll be here in spirit all day I guess :)
9/3/2014 7:58 AM
Oh I love stuff from the spirit world.. even if they are Foxy ones.. I'm sure live is busy with Gia.. she should be close to school age by now???? The years do fly by.. My oldest turned 41 this past month.. How the heck did that happen and they baby will be 30 in September... Jeez, time does slip away...

Coffee all around.. the weenies will have to wait on Jane with the decaf, sugar, cream, homebaked pasteries.. LOL...
9/3/2014 7:59 AM
My typos are in grand form this AM I see... Oh well!! no biggie in my world...
Loretta Young
9/3/2014 8:50 AM
Muffins, muffins! Banana nut for my favourite Fabby!

/me brings in a carafe of decaf and puts a sign under it that says, "Regular!" Haven't done THAT in a while.

Have a good day, guys...and really nice to see you here, Foxy! Hugs.
9/3/2014 12:58 PM
She's almost there fabby, next year, she's old enough for pre k but my buddy is staying home with me lol she already thinks she's 25 so I decided she will attend next year, maybe I just like having her around lol but we had to stop days of our lives together , everyone was a Bitch, lol I was a Bitch, her dad was a bitch, strangers were bitches lol so no more bonding with days, they use "ut oh" words sometimes, it was cute at first but when she figured out exactly when it was appropriate to use those words we had to stop lol, this weenie is off to dunkin for an ice coffee, ciao for now, foxy, good seeing you too swisher lol, Foxy
9/3/2014 2:16 PM
Helllloooooooo Ladies!!!
9/3/2014 7:21 PM
Our baby girl who was named after Gimpy started kindergarten this year.. We held our breath when she started preK last fall because we spoiled her terribly.. There was the famous mooning incident at Sunday school so we weren't sure how public school would go.. Happy to report she aced PreK and is thrilled with kindergarten this year. WHEW! We wuz worried but is doing great... It will be fine, Foxy!!
9/3/2014 7:22 PM
9/3/2014 8:42 PM
FOXXYYYYY SIS NIKKI!!! GIRL been missin u! hope all is well in ur world! and Robert!!!!! hugsss and my fabbyyyy and Loretta/Jane the muffin lady! sorry im alittle late on the breakfast thread suppose its the dinner thread now better late than never, im lovin the new message board area.. YAY for Michael! lets see in my world hotter than hades here, and yesterday I fell in kitchen, was in pantry look for some lunch and n turned around to quick, was light head and fell forward into the cats litter box lol lol not funny but it is sorry, im alittle bruised up, on arm, and foot is hurtin alittle still..thats my excitement.. soo until tomorrow! have a great evening.. I will leave u with some dessert for the nite.

dessert- Hot Fudge sundaes!, cookies, or for nikki fresh fruit, like watermelon etc.

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