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AcroChallenge! 2.86 (12/01/06)
Installation Instructions

Click here for LINUX instructions

Complete Installation of Verion 2.86:

Step 1

Uninstall any existing versions of AcroChallenge currently on your machine.

Step 2
Install AcroChallenge verison 2.86. Click on the Setup.exe file (below) and click 'Open' or 'Run'.  The installation program should begin automatically when the download is complete.  Complete the installation process.

ACSetup.exe (4.6 mb)

Step 3
Double-click the AcroChallenge icon to begin the game.  For instructions on how to get started and play the game, please visit the FAQ page and the Rules page.

If you have trouble installing the game:
Go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and make sure you install any available critical updates.

If the game looks like it's cut off at the side or bottom:
Go to the control panel and double-click on the Display icon.  On the 'Settings' tab make sure your screen size is 800x600 or larger.  Click the 'Advanced' button and make sure the 'Font Size' is set to 'Small Fonts'.  Perform these tasks in this order and do nothing else after changing the 'Font Size' setting.  If prompted, reset your machine.  

In Windows 98, go to the control panel and double-click on the Display icon.  Go to the 'Appearance' tab.  Under Scheme, select 'Windows Standard' and click 'OK'.

If you have any other issues or need help:
Please post your questions on the message board.